Reiki Healing for Horses/dog, Nantwich, Cheshire

Reiki for Animals


Reiki healing (hands on healing) can be used very successfully on your pets and animals.  

Animals unlike humans do not have to wonder if it works they go by their intuition and trust and this is why it has been used on all types of animals and especially at Equine Centres around the country.  Horses have been receiving Reiki now for many years.

I have used Reiki Healing on all my pets and they actually come to me for the healing!!  I also have over 15 years experience in working within the Complementary Therapy as a self-employed Therapist.

Animals only need a short treatment of 15 to 30 mins and you can be with your pet or animal whilst I lay my hands on and channel Reiki Healing Energy through me to your animals.  Once the healing connects with your animal it will travel to where it needs to go whether it be an old illness or injury first that needs healing.

Healing works from within and works on a physical and emotional level.


A session of Reiki Healing will be £20 and I will travel to your home or business premises ( travel costs may apply if outside of Nantwich, Crewe area)

*  I also have a loyalty offer where if you would like to book 5 sessions at one time the 5th session will be £15

If you would like me to give you a FREE complementary healing session on your animal then please get in touch.


Lynda Buchanan , Reiki Master /Teacher, Nantwich, Cheshire

Mobile: 07855 788324