Testimonials for Serenity, Nantwich, Cheshire

Testimonials for Serenity

At Serenity in Nantwich, Cheshire I treat each individual as

unique and I make sure that all my teachings and treatments

are for the best possible results for that person.


Please read my testimonials and may this help you to chose

the correct path for you.



Testimonials for Serenity, Nantwich,Cheshire


I recently sent Reiki Distant Healing to my client in Nantwich

and this was his comment.


Hi Lynda , oh yes it was great amazing out of this world! I

could have lay there all night, thank you, Steve.


Steve, Cheshire.  24 April 2020



An amazing teacher and healer, very highly recommended.


I met Lynda 3 years ago when she was running a course at the local college.

Since then she has taken me through Reiki 1 & 2, and when the time is right I know who

I'll be asking to  take me to Master level (the time and distance are irrelevant, I know I'll be

training with the best).  If you're looking to learn Reiki 1 & 2 in a day, ready to go and

make your fortune, then forget it.  If on the other hand you're ready to put in the effort to

learn Traditional Usui Reiki, and want to learn how to really heal, then Lynda is the teacher

for you.  


N.R. Crewe, Cheshire



Three years ago I had the privilege to meet Lynda as she was facilitating a course on

introduction to Reiki.  I knew I was guided to go on this course as a series of events

pointed this course out to me.  I now understand it was orchestrated as Lynda is now my

Reiki Master and my most treasured friend.  I knew the moment I met Lynda that she was

a very special and gifted person.  Her angelic presence and aura are endearing, her warm

and compassionate nature her gentle smile compliment her qualities to be an outstanding

teacher and therapist.  Her fun loving witty personality and infectious laugh brought a lot

of comfort to me when I found it very hard to smile.   Lynda shared her glowing light with

me at a time when my father passed and times were tough.   She helped ease the pain

with regular reiki shares and meditation classes.   Without these evenings to look forward

to I truly don't know how I would have coped.


Lynda has helped me on my spiritual journey and her wealth of knowledge and experience

is fascinating.  Not only has Lynda enriched my life she has attuned me to Reiki 1& 2 in

which I have helped others by hands on healing and sending healing.  I love the door

Lynda has opened wide for me, I feel my journey to my lives mission is positive and

exciting, I feel very enthusiastic as my clarity to my life's path is just beginning.   Without

my Celtic friend’s influence and nurturing I really don't know where I would be.


Thank you for enlightening me, you will always be close to my heart.


A. Smith, Crewe 



Reiki Training - Lynda is a warm and generous lady who teaches Reiki with a deep

sensitivity.  She has years of experience and this is evident in her understanding of Reiki

which transfers to her teaching.


I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Lynda and over the space of a year completed Reiki 

level I, level II and Reiki Master Teacher.  It completely changed my life and my

relationship with this incredible energy is growing from strength to strength daily.  Lynda''s

support was constant and she allowed me to develop at my own pace, guiding me gently

through each level of learning.


I owe much to this lovely lady and would thoroughly recommend her as both a healer and

Reiki teacher.  


D.McDougall, Salisbury



Reiki Healing -When I first came to see Lynda I was in a poor state of health both mentally

and physically:  I had an ongoing back and shoulder problem which was painful and

required regular visits to the osteopath for treatment, I had arthritis in my toes, I was

frequently ill with colds, I had difficulty sleeping, my energy was low and I found looking

after my toddler exhausting.  I was under a lot of stress due to a falling out with a family

member and I found my mind was frequently preoccupied, turning the issues over and

over with no resolution.  The first couple of sessions with Lynda were very powerful and I

had to lie-down at home afterwards to sleep.  After a couple more sessions my shoulder

began to relax and my osteopath was finally able to fix the problem.  I am now much more

energetic and my mind is relaxed which enables me to focus on day-to-day living rather

than ruminating.  I am thinking more creatively and am solving problems more easily.  I

am now enjoying living my life with good sleep and no pain.  I am very grateful to Lynda

for her caring, understanding, and professionalism throughout this difficult time.


F. Richardson, West Sussex 



Reiki - I was introduced to Lynda in 2009 when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and will always be extremely grateful for her and whatever pushed me to go down the path of reiki healing, to almost full recovery. Thanks to Lynda and her powers of healing and her 100% commitment and caring of my problems I now have a much clearer view of life and the strength and energy to deal with any new issues that arise. She is generous with her time, thoughts and advise. I would recommend her highly. M.B. in Cheshire

Reiki - Lynda introduced me to reiki some years ago and it was the most empowering experience of my life! S.B. Crewe in Cheshire

Reiki - Amazing!! Never had Reiki before but will do again. Thanks xxx H.B.Cheshire

Indian Head Massage  -   The best 30mins of the week.  Fab !! :) x  W.C. in Cheshire

Indian Head Massage - Super treatment, very, very relaxing and what great energy. Loved every minute Thanks.  H.S. in Cheshire

Reiki - Very relaxing, a lovely experience.  Thank you.  S.B. in Cheshire 

Psychometry - Amazingly accurate and very helpful she truly has a gift!!   S.B. in Cheshire

Reiki - The most genuine person I have met for a long time.  I felt different after treatment and this has changed my life around. Thank you Lynda xx

A.G. in Stoke-on-Trent 

Reiki - Lynda is a very caring person and it comes through in all her treatments.  She never ceases to amaze me how much she helps me to feel more positive about myself.  I am so glad she came into my life.  W.D. in Cheshire

Reiki - I came to Lynda with all sorts of pains and aches which I had suffered for many years.  The doctors had struck me off their register as there was no more they could do for me.  I didn''t believe she could do anything.  Each day of my life my pain level was about 70% and after only 3 treatments my pain was down to about 40% which I am trully grateful to have found Reiki and ofcourse Lynda.  K.T. in Salisbury 

Psychometry - I never really believed in the spirit world until I had readings with Lynda as she gives me such comfort knowing that my family care and are always watching over me.  She has told me things that other mediums have never picked up on.  She has a gift I am sure although she is always so modest and tells me that we are all able to do this. :)  D.B. in Scotland

Reiki I Training - Really enjoyed the day, great!  L.W. in Cheshire

Reiki I Training - Good down to earth approach, very enjoyable.  H.S. in Cheshire

Reiki - She is an inspired therapist.  Sessions with her were guaranteed to leave me feeling uplifted and relaxed no matter how uptight I had been beforehand.  She combines great kindness and gentleness with superior knowledge and spirituality, whilst remaining utterly sincere - a winning formula.

I was devastated when she re-located for personal reasons but my loss will be someone else''s gain.    DML in Salisbury

Reiki - Thank you for everything, Lynda.  Reiki is not just a therapy to you.  It is a passion and that passion shines through.  It shows in your sensitivity, your serenity, and your genuine interest in helping each of your clients.  I am so glad I found you!     A.R. in Salisbury

Lynda Buchanan, Nantwich

Mobile:  07855 788324

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I had the privilege of having Lynda as my reiki master and underwent my reiki 2 training with her in 2013. I can’t recommend Lynda highly enough, firstly as a teacher and secondly as a practitioner. Her love and enthusiasm for reiki is contagious and she is very gifted at what she does. Since taking my reiki 2 I use reiki in my life every day. Reiki brings calmness and contentment to my busy life and I feel honoured to have reiki and Lynda in my life.

A.Goodridge (Hants)